Are Electric Pressure Washers Worth It?

Electric pressure washers are worth buying, especially if they are made by a reputable company. An electric pressure washer is a great option for use in general pressure cleaning in Sunshine Coast.

It is an ideal choice if you plan to clean small items like a backyard grill, bike, or vehicle. They are also portable and lightweight, so you can bring them around where you need them.

In this post, we’ll discuss more on electric pressure washers, their benefits, and whether or not they are better than their petrol counterparts.

What Are Electric Pressure Washers?

An electric pressure washer is a type of pressure washer that’s powered by electricity. It uses an electric pump or motor to expel pressurised water as high as 3,500 PSI from its nozzle gun.

The pressure that an electric pressure washer can produce is sufficient for use in standard cleaning jobs, such as removing mildew, old paint, and dirt. Many have found it quite useful in minor residential and commercial applications.

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Benefits of Electric Pressure Washers

The following are the main benefits you can get from electric pressure washers:

Lightweight and Portable

As mentioned earlier, electric pressure washers are lightweight and portable. They normally weigh around 10 to 20 kilograms, which is significantly lower compared to petrol pressure washers that can go over 50.

Even if your chosen electric pressure washer is a bit heavier, it’s still relatively easy to carry and transport wherever you need it.

Silent Operation

Despite producing such pressure, an electric pressure washer will still operate more silently compared to a petrol-powered washer. This makes it a great option if you prefer its quiet operation when cleaning your property.

You also don’t need to worry about making too much noise whether you’re washing indoors or outdoors.

Are Electric Pressure Washers Better Than Petrol?

Electric pressure washers aren’t better than petrol pressure washers. The main reason is that petrol-powered pressure washers are significantly more powerful than  electric pressure washers. 

However, an electric pressure washer makes for a solid tool if you plan to only stick to general cleaning tasks. Electric pressure washers have sufficient power to clean a wide range of unwanted substances such as grease, mould, paint, dirt, and grime. Many business owners find them quite convenient to use for minor jobs.

Besides keeping your electric pressure washer clean, you don’t need to maintain its fuel capacity to keep it running. Applying the correct lubrication and maintenance can ensure that your electric investment can last for years.

Overall, an electric pressure washer is ideal if you’re looking for a pressure washer with a reasonable price and sufficient functionality.

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