Can You Use a Pressure Washer on a Roof?

Yes, you can use a pressure washer on a roof. However, most pressure washing contractors don’t recommend it since the high water pressure generated by these machines can cause damage.

Even when there is an accumulation of dirt or mould on the roof, pressure washing isn’t the answer. Rather, experts recommend using soft washing, where a combination of cleaning solutions will do the trick of eliminating the buildup.

In this post, we’ll talk more about pressure washing a roof, the safest way to clean a roof, and whether or not the chemicals used in soft washing can damage your home.

Does Pressure Washing a Roof Cause Damage?

Yes, pressure washing a roof can cause damage to it, especially when the roof is made up of tiles or shingles. The main reason for this is that high water pressure can easily shift tiles and shingles around and may even cause them to crack or break.

Furthermore, pressure washing a roof will only get rid of the top layer of algae or mould present. It doesn’t really penetrate deep enough to kill the root systems of organic growth.

Since pressure washing can damage the roof, it can void its warranty and cause problems for you later on.

What is the Safest Way to Clean a Roof?

The safest way to clean a roof is through soft washing. Soft washing does a better job of addressing mould and mildew problems on a roof while preventing them from returning right away. A roof can remain clean for quite some time after it undergoes a soft washing.

Additionally, soft washing will also keep the roof intact as it doesn’t cause harm to it, unlike pressure washing. Homeowners with roof materials like ceramic and clay should consider getting soft washing to clean their rooftops.

Are the Chemicals Used in Soft Washing Going to Damage My House?

The chemicals used in soft washing aren’t going to damage your home. The solutions used in soft washing are strong enough to get rid of mould, dirt, and pests but safe enough not to harm the surfaces.

Additionally, most professional soft wash experts use eco-friendly chemicals that won’t hurt the plants, pets, and people in your home.

Can You Clean Your Own Roof?

Yes, you can clean your own roof by giving it a wash. However, it’s not recommended to do so for several reasons.

The first major reason is that you might injure yourself during the process, particularly if you aren’t experienced in roof cleaning. Professional cleaners use the best safety equipment and tools to ensure they do their job well without harming themselves or others.

Another reason is that you can easily damage your property if you clean your roof on your own. It’s very easy to use the wrong chemical solutions or set the water pressure too high and damage the roof.

It’s best to get help from an expert roof cleaner to learn about pressure washer alternatives you can use.

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