Does Pressure Washing Remove Graffiti?

Yes, pressure washing can be an effective approach to removing graffiti. Some of the most common surfaces that are pressure washed for graffiti removal are metal and concrete walls.

A range of factors affects the effectiveness of pressure washing in removing graffiti. The type of surface, marker or paint used for the graffiti, and the time the graffiti has been present all play a role in removal difficulty.

Keep in mind that improper pressure washing can result in damaging the surfaces being cleaned. It’s best to consult an experienced local pressure washing expert before attempting the process.

In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of removing graffiti on your property and what you need to effectively pressure wash graffiti.

Importance of Removing Graffiti From Your Property

The following are the biggest reasons why you should remove graffiti from your property:

  • To maintain property value: Graffiti on buildings, fences, or other property can detract from the aesthetic appeal of an area, which can result in lower property values. Property owners can help maintain the value of their investments by keeping properties free of graffiti.
  • Deter crime: Graffiti is often seen as a sign of urban blight and can create a perception of a neighbourhood is unsafe. Graffiti can also attract other forms of vandalism and criminal activity. Removing graffiti promptly sends a message that the community takes care of its properties.
  • Community pride: Graffiti can create a sense of neglect and apathy in a community. Removing graffiti and keeping the property clean helps promote a sense of pride and ownership in the community.

What You Need for Pressure Washing Graffiti

The following are the main elements you need in pressure washing to effectively remove graffiti:

Pressure Washer

To start the process of removing graffiti through pressure washing, it is essential to identify the type of surface being dealt with. There are several types of pressure washers, and choosing them incorrectly could result in more harm than good.

Businesses need to distinguish between hot water and cold water pressure washers and determine which one is most suitable for their needs.

Quality Detergent

Graffiti removal has become quicker and more convenient due to the availability of high-quality detergents. While homemade pressure washer detergent may be effective on certain types of surfaces, it is not the most suitable option.

The ideal soaps for pressure washing graffiti should be environmentally friendly, which means they are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Safety Equipment

Removing graffiti is time-consuming and may expose the cleaner to harmful substances. The following Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies and equipment are necessary to prevent health hazards.

These include a face mask, heavy-duty gloves, a spray bottle, aerosol solvent, a pressure washer, safety glasses, a robust cloth, a sponge with a coarse side, and a cleaning detergent, among others.

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