Considerations When Looking for a Pressure Washing Provider

When looking for a reliable pressure washing company, the main considerations are their process, credentials, supplies used, and rates. It’s important to select a provider that follows a proven procedure since this will allow them to complete projects effectively. Credentials are essential since you want to hire someone who’s an expert in their field. Choosing […]

Can I Pressure Wash in the Rain?

Yes, you can pressure wash in the rain. However, it’s generally not recommended if you are using an electric pressure washer, as the combination of electricity and rain can be dangerous. It’s best to prioritise safety when using any sort of electrical equipment. A professional Sunshine Coast Pressure washing company knows that it’s simply not […]

Can I Use a Water Tank With My Pressure Washer?

Yes, you can use a water tank with a pressure washer. Many experienced power washers find it easier to have a portable water source around since it allows them to clean hard-to-reach areas. What makes water tanks even better is that they can be used with electric and gas pressure washers. These storage devices can […]

What Types of Surfaces Can You Pressure Wash?

The types of surfaces you can pressure wash include decks, driveways, and weatherboards. Although pressure washers make it easy to clean dirt and grime, it’s not always the right tool for every job. Professional cleaners nearby know that pressure washing is only ideal for certain areas. It’s important to know what these places are to […]

Does Pressure Washing Remove Graffiti?

Yes, pressure washing can be an effective approach to removing graffiti. Some of the most common surfaces that are pressure washed for graffiti removal are metal and concrete walls. A range of factors affects the effectiveness of pressure washing in removing graffiti. The type of surface, marker or paint used for the graffiti, and the […]

Where Do Power Washing Companies Get Their Water?

Power washing companies in Sunshine Coast typically get the water they use for cleaning from their own supply in a tank or straight from the client’s property. Sometimes, they may tap into the municipal water supply, while those in more remote areas may need access to rainwater collection systems or wells. No matter the source, […]

Are Gas Pressure Washers Worth It?

Yes, gas pressure washers are worth it mainly because they are more powerful than their electric counterparts. Many homeowners use gas-powered washers to clean garage floors, parking spaces, and sidewalks. Additionally, this type of washer is often built better and will be made of sturdy steel and aluminium. You also don’t need to worry about […]

How Much PSI Will I Need for Pressure Washing?

The amount of pounds per square inch (PSI) you will need for pressure washing is from 1500 to 1900. This range is sufficient for regular household maintenance and cleaning tasks. It would also be enough to eliminate common dirt and stains. Low pressure is ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces outside of the home. However, trying […]

What is a Pressure Washer Nozzle?

A pressure washer nozzle is the attachment connecting the end of a wand or lance of a pressure washer. It is primarily used to allow the flow of water to stay focused and directed even at high pressure. The nozzle will have a small opening through which the cleaning solution is forced out in a […]

What Are Algaecide Treatments?

Algaecide treatments are chemical mixtures that are applied during pressure cleaning to eliminate algae growth. These solutions are also designed to prevent other types of microorganisms from thriving on outdoor surfaces. An expert pressure washing company normally applies these treatments in areas where algae are often present. These include places like roofs, decks, driveways, and […]