What Types of Surfaces Can You Pressure Wash?

The types of surfaces you can pressure wash include decks, driveways, and weatherboards. Although pressure washers make it easy to clean dirt and grime, it’s not always the right tool for every job.

Professional cleaners nearby know that pressure washing is only ideal for certain areas. It’s important to know what these places are to avoid causing damage by getting carried away.

In this blog, we’ll provide answers to the different types of surfaces you can or can’t pressure wash.

Pressure Washing a Deck

Decks that are made from hardwoods can often be cleaned using a pressure washer. Those that are made using pressure-treated wood are typically fine to pressure clean as well. Just make sure you don’t hold the nozzle of your washer too close to such surfaces.

Make sure you check your equipment’s manual so you’ll know what setting to use for cleaning decks. It would also provide details on the right nozzle and how far you should grip it while washing.

Pressure Washing a Roof

You don’t need to use a pressure washer to clean a roof, nor is it recommended. Although it can be tempting to eliminate organic growth this way, pressure cleaning roofs can actually cause more harm than good.

Besides that, pressure washing at height can also be dangerous. This is especially true when using a ladder since the blowback from the washer might cause you to lose balance.

Pressure Washing a Car

Pressure washing a car is another activity you should avoid. Many are inclined to use a pressure washer on their vehicles since it can reliably rid surfaces of tough dirt, but it will only lead to more issues than benefits.

A regular car wash using a garden hose, water tank, and soapy sponge will suffice. You can also use elbow grease and a wheel cleaner to make your car look good.

Pressure Washing a Driveway

Driveways are one of the most popular areas for pressure washing. This is primarily because concrete driveways can easily withstand strong water blasts without being damaged.

Most people will find success at using a finer nozzle when spot-cleaning grease and oil stains. Meanwhile, a low-pressure nozzle and pressure cleaning setting is more ideal for mould and mildew.

Pressure Washing Weatherboards

Fibre cement, aluminium, and vinyl weatherboards can normally withstand pressure cleaning. It’s best to begin at a lower setting and simply increase the pressure when you concentrate on extremely filthy spots.

Pressure washing weatherboards can remove graffiti so long as you know what you’re doing. If unsure, you can always seek help from an experienced pressure cleaning company in the Sunshine Coast to avoid problems.

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