Where Do Power Washing Companies Get Their Water?

Power washing companies in Sunshine Coast typically get the water they use for cleaning from their own supply in a tank or straight from the client’s property. Sometimes, they may tap into the municipal water supply, while those in more remote areas may need access to rainwater collection systems or wells.

No matter the source, it’s important to note that a pressure cleaning company should have access to a safe and eco-friendly water source. These experts should also provide a proper way of disposing of the wastewater they generate during their operations.

In this post, we’ll answer the most common questions people ask with regard to power washing companies and the water supply they use.

Will a Power Washing Company Have Their Own Water?

Yes, in some cases power washing companies will bring with them their own supply of water. Some will have a water tank connected to a trailer or truck that allows them to transport water to the job site. This is particularly common in places where water access is limited.

However, some power washing companies may also use the client’s water supply if it’s easily accessible and appropriate for their equipment. Make sure you ask a provider first, so you’re aware of their method of obtaining water for cleaning.

Ultimately, the water source will depend on various factors, including the company’s location, the type of job they’re doing, and the availability of water.

How Much Water Does Power Washing Need?

Most power washing companies will need at least 7 to 18 litres of water per minute. This is a relatively small amount of water than with other methods. These providers don’t use up a lot of water since they mainly rely on pressure rather than volume.

It’s vital to note that power washers are available in different pressure ratings and sizes. A bigger unit with a high pressure rating will generally consume more water so it can operate effectively. Additionally, the amount of water necessary will also depend on the type of surface being cleaned.

To reduce water usage and minimise the environmental impact of power washing, many companies now use techniques to help them save water. They might incorporate methods for recycling or reusing of the water to save on cost.

Some machines are equipped with specialised filters and pumps. These capabilities allow the water to be recycled and reused throughout the operation. On the other hand, some providers may use a combination of treated wastewater and rainwater to clean surfaces.Would you like to know the main benefits of using gas-power washers? Are gas pressure washers worth it? Check out our blog on the topic to find the answers you’re looking for.

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